Italian language courses corsi di lingua italiana Italienisch Sprachschulen in Italien cours de langue italienne Cursos de italiano itariago italienska språkskolor språkkurser italiaanse taalschool taalcursussen in Italië Escola de italiano em Italia Jazyková škola a italiaská kultura szkoła języka włoskiego i kultury włoskiej az olasz nyelv és kultúra iskolája Школа итальянского в Италии – курсы итальянского для иностранцев.


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- Size of the school, total number of students (capacity)?
-The school is not a big school: 5 classrooms, medium number of students in each class 5/6; in summer 8/9.

- Our students come from:

Europe 30%
North America 40 %
Japan 2 %
Latin America 10 %
Other 8 %

- Situation of the school in the city? Distance from the centre?
- The school is in the centre town, at 50 mt from the sea.

- Type of building? (Old, modern, large, small, etc?)
-It is located in the centre in a new building, an apartment with 4 classrooms, a bathroom, a library, a terrace for summer lessons and a kitchen for cooking lessons.

- Number of class rooms?
Other facilities at the school? (Cafeteria, study room, library, videos, etc.)
-there is a Internet connection and didactic softwares, videos, stereo and a library.

- Access for the students to E-mail/Internet at the school? (Is the access free? If not what is the approx. cost?)
-The medium cost is 4 Euro/hour


Types of courses offered?
- standard courses (20 lessons/week)
- intensive course I (25 lessons/week)
- intensive course II (30 lessons/week)
- standard 2 (11 lessons/week)
- special courses: the business Italian, the Italian of art and archeology, the Italian literature
- cultural courses: the Italian culture through cinéma, cooking, fashion, songs etc...
- pre-university courses
- courses for Italian teachers
- preparation courses for CILS diploma
- cooking courses

Starting dates?
Starting dates of the courses 2010: Every two weeks. Contact the school for differents dates.

Janviér 2010 18
Pour dates différentes en Janviér
Février 2010 1 - 15
Pour dates différentes en Février
Mars 2010 1 - 15 - 29
Pour dates différentes en Mars
Avril 2010 6 - 12 - 19
Pour dates différentes en Avril
Mai 2010 3 - 10 - 17 - 31
Juin 2010 7 - 14 - 28
Pour dates différentes en Juin
Juillet 2010 5 - 12 - 26
Pour dates différentes en Juillet
Août 2010 2 - 16 - 23
Pour dates différentes en Août
Septembre 2010 6 - 13 - 20
Pour dates différentes en Septembre
Octobre 2010 4 - 18
Pour dates différentes en Octobre
Novembre 2010 2 - 15
Pour dates différentes en Novembre
Décembre 2010 dates à la demande

- Are books and copies included in the course fees? If not, what is the approximate cost?
-Books and copies are included in the course fee. In the course fee is also included:
- guided visit to the town of Otranto: free
- guided visit to the ipogeo (underground Byzantine church): free
-Italian cinéma: a film will be pojected: free
-Italian song: listening to Italian songs: free
-Course of home-made pasta: 20 €

- Can I study Italian with an Italian student?
The school promotes linguistic exchanges with Italian speaking people in an informal context: you will speak Italian during meetings which can take place at the beach, at a restaurant or at a bar.  Our students find this method very useful to improve their speaking skills.
  Studying a language in tandem means that two people speaking different languages ( i.e: an Italian and a foreigner) can work together to help to improve their knowledge of the foreign language while discovering some aspects of the partner's culture.

- Class schedule? Morning and/or afternoons?
- Usually classes start at 9 in the morning but classes can be held also in the afternoon.

- Length of a lesson?
1 lesson=50 minutes.

- Number of levels?
- 4 levels:
1. Elementary level: acquisition of the ability to communicate in Italian and to elaborate simple information; acquisition of the general dictionary and the use of basic grammatical constructions.
2. Intermediate level: acquisition of the ability to face daily situations and to express opinions through the consolidation of grammar and the dictionary.
3. Advanced level (level of specialization): acquisition of the three fundamental abilities of language: listening, oral production and writing to express fluently own opinions about complex subjects.
4. Excellent (level of specialization): analysis and study of the different forms of the written and oral language; lessons focusing on the most important aspects of literature, culture and Italian civilization.


- Types of accommodation offered?
- Apartment shared for students;
- Indipendent mini-apartment for 1, 2 persons;
- Hotels;
- Farmhouses at 2 km from Otranto;
- Family (little availability).

Is the accommodation invoiced together with the course fee, or is it payed for on the spot?
- Accomodation is paid on the spot

Approximate distance from the school?
-All the apartments are max. 5/10 minutes walk from the school.

- Means of communication to the school?
- There is no need of means of transport because Otranto is a small touristical town.

Approximate number of people sharing the accommodation?
- max 4/5 students for apartment.


- Example of activities/excursions offered by the school?
- Are they included in the course fee? If not what is the approximate cost?


- LA GRECÌA SALENTINA (The Greek part of Salento)
Guided tour of some of the 9 villages where old Greek is still spoken:
- Visit of the most beautiful greek-byzantine churches (S. Stefano, S. Caterina);
- Visit of the historical centres: analysis of the creek conception of the town and life in this zone;
- Visit of Soleto, the town of the witches; Corigliano with its beautiful castle; Sternatia, the town build on underground oliveoil-mills of the XVI century: analysis of the oliveoil production in one of this underground oliveoil-mill; Martano, the town of the menhir (prehistoric monument).

- The remains of the Monastery of S. Nicola di Casole: the 2ns bigger library in the Mediterranean area, the first students’ house in Europe, very important centre for the Greek and Byzantine culture;
- Visit of the fortified farms: ex. of how the buildings got the form of fortified castles to defend against Turkish invasion in 1480;
- Stops to admire the landscape: the cliffs are often lofty and inaccessible, yet they teem with caves and gorges that form a jagged coastline;
- Visit to S. Cesarea Terme:  Arab style town, Castro and grout Zinzulusa (optional: boat-tour).

   The beautiful beaches of the South Coast, Alimini Lakes, S.Andrea and its beautiful landscape: little bays of white sand and cliffs, S. Foca and the archeological site.
The coastline is dented with narrow strips of sandy shore, once bordered with sand hillocks covered by a glory of psammophyious (sand vegetation) plants. Lying at the feet of precipitous cliffs are enchanting little beaches that change shape according to the irregular and impulsive rhythm of the waves beaten back by the cliffs.

- GUIDED VISIT OF THE TOWN OF LECCE called the Florence of South Italy, known for the barocquek style.

The wine and olive oil road; visit of the places where typical regional products are produced: free tasting; visit of handicrafts laboratories.



The following activities can be proposed in the afternoon:
- Guided visit to the town of Otranto: free
- Guided visit to the ipogeo (underground byzantine church): free
- Italian cinéma: a film will be pojected: free
- Italian song: listening to Italian songs: free
- Course of home-made pasta: 20 €


- Where the school is located?
Otranto is a beautiful town on the seaside at 40 km from the main city Lecce the socalled Florence of South of Italy for its artistical beauties. A bus and train service links Otranto to Lecce. Otranto is also placed at a short distance from the other touristical seaside resorts on the beautiful coast.
Very famous touristical place Otranto offers several hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, banks. The town overlooks the beautiful beaches with white and fine sand and the clear water. Otranto offers the possibility to enjoy and to relax with its several pubs, open-air performances, discos.
- Otranto is on the seaside, it is a touristical place, one of the greatest tourist-cultural seaside resorts of Southern Italy where study and leisure activities complement one another perfectly.

- Approximate number of habitants?
- In summer 25.000; in winter 7.000.

- Type/character of the city? (coastal-, university-, etc.)
   The historical centre is beautiful with its castle, byzantine churches, the cathedral and the little street that remind the Arabic countries; you can breath a Mediterranean athmosphere; the surroundings also are rich in history and traditions.


- What is the nearest airport?
- Brindisi at 110 km

- What are the different means of transportation from the airport to the accommodation?
- There is an efficient bus service; but if you prefer you can take the train.

- Dates for bank holidays when the school remains closed? Is there a Christmas holiday, dates?
- January 1st-6th, Easter and Easter Monday (April 11th and 12th in 2004), April 25th, May 1st, June 2th, August 15th, November 1st, December 8th-23th-24th-25th-26th-31st.

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Scuola Porta D'Oriente
Via Antonio Primaldo, 70
- 73028 Otranto (LECCE) Italy
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Téléphone: 0039 338 4562722 - Téléphone/Fax: 0039 0836 804431


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